Taking a moment to APPRECIATE the ONE thing in our life today not only changes our immediate emotional and cognitive state, but primes our RAS to notice the good things for the rest of the day.


The Challenge: Take just 5 minutes every morning and write down ONE thing that you APPRECIATE in your life today.  Do this for 30 days.

At the end of 30 days and throughout the challenge, take note of how you feel every day.  Take note of what changes over the period of 30 days.  Share with your friends and family what you have noticed and ask them if they have noticed any changes.

A Habit of Appreciation Cultivates Well-being

Download the Appreciation Challenge Worksheet here.

Download the Kids Appreciation Challenge Worksheet here.

Download the Appreciation Challenge Worksheet PDF Form here.


We look forward to hearing about how this Appreciation Challenge has impacted on your well-being. 

Please feel free to share the Activity Sheets or this webpage.


About the author

Gregory Bayne is one of the Directors of Total Leader and Coach Solutions Australia.  Greg works with senior and executive leaders assisting them to make shifts in the way they work, the way they think and the way they live their lives to become better leaders, colleagues and team members. Greg has a particular focus on assisting leaders create a culture or accountability and high performance. His expertise and knowledge is around building and developing a culture of accountability, leading high performing teams, and getting the most out of people to deliver the highest standards of work. We cultivate sustainable behavioural change in individuals, teams and organisations to drive a performance culture.

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