We are passionate about cultivating excellence in individuals, teams, and organisations.  Our expertise in the area of excellence can be applied to organisations, sports teams, parents, and children.  We believe that everyone of us has untapped potential, that if leveraged, allows us to reach our maximum performance and effectiveness.

Sport Psychology Services

Heather McGregor-Bayne is a sought after Sport Psychologist with over 15 years of experience working with individuals and teams to reach their ultimate levels of excellence.  Over the years, Heather has worked with several Olympic and World Champions and medallists including Sailing (Gold), Women’s Water Polo (Bronze), and Men’s Hockey (Bronze).

Gifted & Talented Mental Skills

We fundamentally believe that reaching one’s potential requires more than just a natural gift or talent, but requires well-developed mental skills and acuity.  We work with individuals, particularly children and their parents, to enhance the mental skills to make the most of potential.

How could we partner with you?

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