Get Back Up Resilience Program

Get Back Up Resilience Program is a program designed for parents, care-givers, teachers and grand-parents who wish to further enhance their knowledge and strategies for cultivating highly resilient children. We also offer Get Back Up workshops for both primary and secondary school children.  Our program is based on the most current understanding and evidence on developing resilience as well as over 20 years of experience working with adults and children around resilience and well-being.

Backed by the most current research and facilitated by some of the most experienced Psychologists in WA, the Get Back Up Resilience Program provides a stimulating and engaging workshop to shift our current thinking about building resilience and setting our children up for future success.

The core underpinning philosophy is that being resilient is the ability to get back up after an adversity; to keep going; to brush yourself off and try again; to accept mistakes and failure as a stepping stone for improvement and growth. The key principle is to get back up, and cultivating a mindset of perseverance and commitment.


The Get Back Up Program is intended to be a resilience program for both children and parents:

  1. Get Back Up Workshop for Parents & Care Givers - equipping parents, teachers and care-givers with the skills to develop resilience in their children.
  2. Get Back Up program for children - a school based program educating children about the importance of resilience and getting back up, and some simple strategies to get back up.


We can deliver the Get Back Up workshop for Parents/Carers/Teachers in a couple of ways:
  • An evening workshop from 7pm to 9pm during the week (Key Concepts)
  • A 2 hour workshop on a Saturday morning (Key Concepts)
  • A series of 2-hr evening workshops over four weeks (Master Class)
  • A full-day workshop on a Saturday (Master Class)


Program Overview:
  • Understanding core principles of resilience and how we are currently undermining our children's capacity to be resilient
  • Exploring our mindsets as parents and care-givers and how our current mindset impacts how we foster resilience
  • Introduction to the Six Pillars of Resilience and practical strategies to implement as a parent and care-giver to build resilience
  • Understanding the neurochemistry of resilience and the importance of building the brain wiring for future mental well-being
  • Exploring the counter-intuitive elements of cultivating resilience in others and challenging the myths
  • Developing an action plan to cultivate resilience in your child or class
  • Enhance your toolkit for supporting your children to 'Get Back Up'


If you would like us to deliver a Get Back Up Resilience program in your school then contact us to book in a date and time.  We typically meet with the P&C President's, the School Leadership team of the Board to discuss our core approach and look to engage a whole school approach to building resilience.


Not only does TLC currently deliver Mental Well-being and Resilience Programs in Australia, but also in many other countries around the globe, including the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Singapore and South America. We are renowned for outstanding content and outstanding facilitation.  We bring not only vast experience and knowledge to the table, but interesting stories and anecdotes from different countries and cultures around the world.

If your school wishes to become renowned for developing resilient children, then you will want to have the Get Back Up Philosophy and Program embedded in your school.

Contact us below to arrange a Get Back Up program in your school.