360 Degree Feedback Tools

Our coaches and facilitators are accredited in a number of 360 degree feedback tools most often used by our clients.  We have been involved in a number of large organisation wide roll-out of 360 feedback assessments.  Typically we would facilitate the set up of the 360 degree feedback tool, followed by an individual debrief (and group debrief if applicable) and additional coaching sessions as required.

Organisational Engagement Survey

TLC Solutions has developed an Engagement Survey that provides organisations with data driven insight into the effectiveness and engagement of their people.  Our analysis of the data includes a correlation analysis which provides additional insight into the key drivers of organisational performance and employee engagement.

Resilience and Well-Being Survey

TLC can implement both an organisational resilience diagnostic tool as well as an individual resilience diagnostic tool for your organisation or team.  The tools are based on the most current literature and research on resilience and mental well-being. The organisational resilience tool provides insight across three broad drivers of organisational resilience, and provides organisations with clarity around the key areas of focus to improve organisational resilience.  The individual resilience tool provides an individual with personal insight and understanding of their resilience and the key areas to improve resilience.

HPET® Team Assessment

TLC has researched and developed a team diagnostic tool that provides a comprehensive insight into the effectiveness of the team.  The HPET® (High Performing Elite Teams) Diagnostic Tool is an online assessment that generates a report outlining the strengths of a team, the key areas for development, and the drivers of high performance specific to that team. The online assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  We then provide a team debrief workshop following the completion of the online assessment.