TLC HPET Team Model

HPET® Team Assessment

TLC has researched and developed a team diagnostic tool that provides a comprehensive insight into the effectiveness of the team.  The HPET® (High Performing Elite Teams) Diagnostic Tool is an online assessment that generates a report outlining the strengths of a team, the key areas for development, and the drivers of high performance specific to that team. The online assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  We then provide a team debrief workshop following the completion of the online assessment.

Team Development Program

Working with key stakeholders, we develop team development program that is tailored specifically to the needs of the team.  We utilise current data and the HPET data (if the HPET tool is used) to provide the evidence for current state.  Our team development programs typically range from 6 to 12 month programs with a series of development workshops over the agreed time frame.

EPCM Alignment Sessions

We have been increasingly asked to assist and provide alignment workshops between a client and the contractor (typically in an EPCM set-up).  The alignment session focus primarily on improving the working relationship between the client and the contractor, working with any issues relating to the contract.  To date the impact of these alignment workshops has been highly impactful, with a significant improvement in not only the working relationship between the parties, but has improved overall project performance KPI’s, schedule, cost and safety.

Team Building Activities

TLC partner with a number of organisations, one of which is Peak Teams (based in Sydney).  Peak Teams and TLC Solutions Australia provide a unique solution to our clients, where Peak Teams provides an unrivalled and incredible Mountaineering simulation experience and TLC provides the theoretical frameworks for improved team effectiveness.  Together the experience is not only a significant shared event, but provides significant lessons around team effectiveness that can be applied immediately back into the day to day functioning of the team.