Leading Mental Well-Being In the Workplace

Leading Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Our high impact Mental Well-being for Leaders program focuses on equipping leaders with a comprehensive understanding of their role and responsibility in managing mental well-being in the workplace.  We challenge current thinking and typical responses to mental illness in the workplace and provide a framework to assist leaders to address mental well-being issues in the workplace. Leaders come away with a comprehensive understanding of their role as leaders in supporting the well-being of their people and critical strategies and practical actions to put into practice right away. 

Leading and Building Resilient Teams

Our Resilience and Managing Stress program for leaders focuses on equipping leaders with a really good understanding of resilience and provides the leaders with tools and strategies to build resilience in both themselves and their team members.  Our program provides an understanding of resilience and well-being from a neurochemical perspective and provides the participants with an in-depth insight into how to develop our own resilience and well-being as well the well-being of others.

Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace

This workshop addresses the often anxiety provoking challenge of managing individuals in the workplace who present with a mental illness that impacts their ability to do their job.  We absolutely believe that having a mental illness does not mean that one cannot do their job. We believe the opposite, that even though one may have a mental illness, he/she can still be thriving and high performing. The workshop focuses on equipping leaders with the knowledge and skill to assist individuals to reach their potential and high performance.

Advanced Well-being Conversations for Leaders

The Advanced Well-being Conversations workshop (virtual and face to face options) builds on the previous programs and is focused on equipping leaders with an advanced tool kit for having well-being conversations that transform the well-being culture in an organisation.  The program unpacks the 'Five Breakthrough Well-being Questions' in addition to understanding the value of narrative, the three types of empathy, and the four levers for Psychological Safety.