Safety Leadership Program

Health & Safety Conversations

We have combined our psychological expertise around difficult conversations and behavioural change and developed a program that equips all employees and leaders with the skills and confidence to hold any person accountable for safe behaviours.  The evidence is clear, if people are not held to account and do not feel accountable, performance won’t improve.  The H&S conversation is the foundation of a Safe Workplace.

Safety Leadership Program

We belief that the most effective way to change a safety culture within an organisation is through its leaders.  We absolutely believe that leaders need to authentically walk the talk and demonstrate all elements of a safe work place all of the time.  We work with leaders to redefine their perspective on safety, their role in cultivating a safety culture, and formulate clear beliefs and behaviours to support the defined safety culture.  Our program not only equips leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to lead a safe culture, but our program changes mindsets and attitudes to safety.

FFW Program for Leaders

TLC has developed a framework for addressing all elements of identifying a FFW issue through to returning to full duties, regardless of the FFW issue.  Our FFW program is the first of its kind. Typically organisations will provide separate fatigue, AOD and mental well-being training – while our program brings all these together under one program, with one approach.  The most significant advantage of the one approach is that the methodology for dealing with FFW not only becomes crystal clear for leaders, but becomes consistent.