How we are supporting our clients through the COVID-19 crisis

We are committed to supporting our clients through this time and will work closely with each of you to achieve the best outcome. We recognise that many organisations have not had to manage a remote workforce previously, and that there are potential skill and tool gaps.  We are offering a range of immediate solutions either via remote coaching or remote facilitated workshops.

We are also continuing to provide our coaching services, leadership programs and mental well-being programs via virtual workshops.

TLC Virtual Workshop Offerings

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We Cultivate Mindful, Purpose Driven Behaviour for Sustainable Performance and Effectiveness in Individuals, Teams and Organisation

Our Story

Our Story

As highly experienced psychologists with a strong interest in performance and achievement we have worked with over 20 000 leaders since we launched TLC in 2009.  We continue to innovate, to stimulate our clients, and improve performance and effectiveness.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our core values are Improvement, Generosity, Interdependence and Integrity. We strive to live by these values, not only in the way in which we work but also in our personal lives. The values are embedded in both our business processes and the manner by which we engage with our clients.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team is passionate about people reaching their potential.  We are experienced and committed consultants who believe in delivering a quality of service that our clients have come to expect from TLC Solutions.

Our Clients

Since 2009 we have worked with over 20 000 leaders from different organisations, different industries, and different levels.

We have facilitated shifts in organisational culture, performance and safety.  Furthermore, we have worked with individuals, parents and teams to generate greater personal effectiveness and impact.  Our clients value the authenticity that we bring to the client relationship, which facilitates an extraordinary level of trust between ourselves and our clients.  We are generous with our time and energy, and committed to delivering the greatest impact possible for our clients.

Our Clients
TLC Solutions Culture of Accountability Program

TLC Solutions has developed a comprehensive Culture of Accountability Program that equips leaders with the skills and tools to cultivate a culture of accountability.  Our program has been successfully implemented with a number of our clients with enormous success.

Contact us to arrange to meet and discuss how we could assist your organisation to eliminate waste and cultivate a culture of accountability and high performance.


TLC Solutions Mental Well-being and Resilience Program

We have delivered our ground breaking Mental Well-being and Resilience program in a multitude of countries around the world.  This program explores the principles of resilience including developing a sense of purpose, locus of control and cultivating connections and support networks. Our program is aimed at changing the organisations, teams, leaders and individuals think about mental well-being and cultivate resilience. 

We offer programs for leaders, for individuals both face to face as well as online.  Contact us to find out how to implement a Mental Well-being and Resilience Program in your organisation.


How could we partner with you?

Any great partnership starts with a conversation.  Let’s have a chat. Give us a call or flick us an email, or alternatively complete our contact us form and we will arrange a time to have a discussion.  We look forward to hearing from you.