Greg Bayne

Greg Bayne

Greg works with senior and executive leaders assisting them to make shifts in the way they work, the way they think and the way they live their lives to become better leaders, colleagues and team members. Greg is passionate about seeing people reach their potential and as such deliberately challenges and probes to assist individuals and teams to maximise their potential. Greg seeks to work with organisations, teams and leaders who align with his values and who seek to benefit from a working partnership.

Alistair Box

Facilitating learning insights in others inspires Alistair in his professional role.  Nothing gives him greater satisfaction that providing individuals and teams with opportunities to reflect and discover opportunities to build effectiveness in their professional and personal lives.  Alistair shares Greg’s passion for authentic leadership and believes in the critical role a leader plays in shaping both team and organisational culture.  As a psychologist, Alistair believes that insight is fundamental to change and forms the cornerstone for motivation and development.  

Heather McGregor-Bayne

Heather McGregor-Bayne is an experienced Sport Psychologist, having worked at the West Australian Institute of sport for a number of years working through two Olympic cycles.  She has worked with a number of high performing sports such as Hockey (Men’s and Women’s National Teams), Track & Field, Sailing, Water Polo and Canoeing, providing Sport Psychological services to numerous individual and team Olympic medalists.  Heather is passionate about helping individuals and a team reach high performance and has significant experience working with and assisting individuals and teams to reach the pinnacle of high performance.

Brenda Lewis

Having spent the bulk of her working career assisting her husband in the running of their housing business, Brenda turned her hand to recruiting and consulted for a boutique recruitment company. Realising that working with people as a product, was her passion, she eagerly took on the challenge of establishing an office for an international company which specialised in psychometric assessments. Finding that being the driving force in a team was not where she wanted to be, she joined the TLC Team in a support role – having found her niche in being a support to a dynamic team, however still managing to work with a product she loves – people.

Kathy Polglase

Kath Polglase provides innovative and effective solutions to organisations to enable them to achieve their core business in a more effective way. Kath’s strength and passion is connecting with people, and utilising skills developed from her experience as a psychologist, manager, executive coach and working parent. Kath works from a belief that by developing self-awareness, increasing knowledge and fostering new skills we all can lead more effective and fulfilling lives. The buzz comes from supporting people to learn and grow; and seeing organisations manage their people more effectively and experience positive results.

Nicole Heffernan

Nicole is an internationally accredited executive coach and human performance improvement specialist with over 10 years’ experience working across a range of organisational settings as a consultant, coach, therapist and facilitator/trainer.  Complementing her psychology qualifications, Nicole also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Coaching providing specialist skills and knowledge in the evolving field of corporate coaching.  Nicole has a particular interest in the area of safety leadership and building strong safety culture.

Anna Pullman

Anna Pitman

Coach specializing in people optimization and alignment. Anna strives to create an experience, rather than a transaction when working with her clients. With over seven years of working with a range of clients across an assortment of industries as well as founding and running two businesses; Anna has a keen interest in creating ‘Intrapreneurs’ of your people – getting everyone to think and lead like a CEO. Anna offers a diverse, fresh and open minded perspective on all things leadership and culture and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Barb Wood

Barb Wood is passionate about inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, leading and facilitating teams, building constructive cultures and coaching. Using a collaborative and responsive style, Barb co-creates development programs that enable clients to achieve strategic objectives.  Drawing upon her experience as a consultant and academic, she strives to maximise participant engagement by embedding interactive activities, “real-plays” and diagnostics into client solutions that are uniquely customised. She has designed, developed and delivered multi-level complex leadership programs for wide ranging organisations in Australia.