TLC Solutions is a leading Corporate Consultancy providing Psychological Services to clients around the globe.  We assist organisations to not only proactively support leaders and employees to address psychosocial risk in the workplace, but we also provide a broad range of services including Psychosocial Risk Assessments and/or Audits, Advisory services and Psychological Health strategy development services.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced Psychologists bring extensive experience in the workplace supporting leaders and teams to cultivate psychologically safe workplaces.  

Essentially businesses need to be able to identify, control and monitor psychosocial hazards in the workplace. The workplace includes working from home offices. Furthermore, current evidence indicates that psychological safety in the workplace is a mediating factor between the experience of psychosocial hazards in the workplace and individual psychological and physical health.

TLC provides organisations, leaders and teams with a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks to cultivate workplaces that are psychologically safe and where psycho-social risks are proactively managed and addressed.

We offer the following solutions and programs:
  1. Leading Psychosocial Risk Management for Leaders.
  2. Cultivating a Culture of Psychological Safety and Accountability Program (best for Leaders or In-Tact teams).
  3. Understanding Psychological Safety in a Team Environment Program (best for an in-tact team).
  4. Psycho-Social Hazard Assessments.
  5. Support for businesses developing strategies and/or interventions to address psycho-social hazards or low psychological safety in the workplace.
  6. Advice to Executive Leadership Teams and Boards on addressing Psychological Safety and Psycho-Social risks and hazards.
  7. Coaching for leaders on cultivating a culture of psychological safety and eliminating psycho-social hazards.
  8. Active Bystander to Upstander Workshops for both Leaders and Employees.

Please reach out to our team, even if to simply obtain a second opinion on your organisations approach and plan to address psychosocial hazards and psychological safety in the workplace.