Sport Psychology Services

Individual Mental Skills Development

We work with young adolescent athletes to top elite athletes from a broad range to sports developing their suite of mental skills.  The evidence clearly indicates that the earlier an athlete develops the mental agility and strategies to deal with training and competition, the more successful the athlete. We tailor and develop an individualised program for each athlete.

Cultivating a High Performing Team Culture

While individual mental skills are essential, when working with teams it is equally important to develop the team culture that drives high performance outcomes.  We work with the coach and the players to identify and implement the agreed culture, both on the field and off the field.  

High Performing Team

Utilising our unique HPET® Team Diagnostic tool we assess the current effectiveness of the team, followed by the development of critical actions to impact significantly on the teams effectiveness and performance.  Having successfully worked with well over 100 teams, the evidence of the impact of the HPET® Team Diagnostic tool and methodology is very clear.  If you are a coach, or in a team that needs to lift to the next level to beat the opposition, then this program is for you.

Parent Coaching and Workshops

The work with parents focuses primarily on the role of a parent supporting the development of elite athletes and how to best support their child to reach their potential.  We work with parents individually as well as providing workshops for parents.  Typically the Parent Workshops would be arranged by the sporting organisation.  The most current research is showing that the way parents support their developing athlete has a significant impact on the eventual outcome of the athlete.