Leadership Programs

Over the last eight years we have developed a broad range of Leadership Development offerings, from in-house programs to one-day programs.  Furthermore, TLC has a commitment to researching and developing cutting edge content and frameworks.  Each of our programs utilises our unique IP and TLC models and frameworks which are only available through TLC, and offer the most relevant and practical content in the current environment. Our program content is unrivalled in quality and practical application. We briefly outline a couple of our offerings below.


In-House Leadership Programs

We develop and deliver tailored leadership programs to a number of our clients.  The programs range from an intensive three/five day program to an eight/ten day program spread over a period of six to twelve months.  We typically build the program around existing capability frameworks and identified gaps in skills and knowledge.

Coaching for High Performance

This Coaching for High Performance program is unlike other coaching programs available, in that we present both a behavioural and a cognitive model for the application of the coaching style of leadership. The participants come away with not only an understanding of the why, how, when and who of the coaching style, but also with the confidence to apply the coaching style into the work place right away.

Influencing for High Performance

This Influencing for High Performance program based on the TLC Solutions 5DSL® Framework is one of our Flagship programs that is being run in almost all of our client organisations. The program is aimed at people who need to utilise the skill of influence to get what they need to get done in an organisation (particularly matrix organisations). The program equips participants with the core principles of effective influence with practical strategies and tools.

Performance Feedback Conversations

Our Performance Feedback Conversations workshop is the most in demand of all our workshops, which is not surprising given how poorly feedback is done in organisations.  The program is based on the unique TLC Feedback Conversation framework that provides a structured and highly successful approach to providing feedback and managing performance effectively.

Culture of Accountability

One of our newest and most popular additions to our Leadership Suite is the program that equips leaders to drive accountability into their teams and the business.  The program is based on the unique TLC Accountability Framework and provides the leaders with a clear structure and methodology to building a culture of accountability.  This program typically is more applicable and relevant to the more senior leaders, but applies equally well to front line supervisors.

Leading High Performing Teams

Leader's Guide to Leading High Performance Team is typically a two-day program based on the unique TLC HPET® Team Development Methodology, which focuses on both the intra-personal and inter-personal components of building and leading a high-performance team. This workshop is fantastic program and has received outstanding feedback from our clients. The participants come away with not only a comprehensive understanding of a how to shift a team to a high performing state, but with a number of tools and frameworks to put into practice straight away.

Other offerings

In addition to the above programs we offer a broad range of additional programs as follows: Mentoring Conversations; Dealing with Difficult Customers; Hard Conversations; Managing Mental Health in the Workplace; Building Resilient Teams; Conflict Resolution; Health & Safety Conversations; Safety Leadership.

Bespoke offerings

Many of our clients approach us with a problem / issue and ask us to develop a program to address the specific issue, which draws on a unique strength that we possess in TLC.  We have demonstrated over and over again how we are able to develop bespoke program content to meet our client’s unique needs.