Inspiring Change and Growth through Dynamic Facilitation

We provide a broad range of facilitation services to our clients specific to their needs and requirements.  Each of our coaches and facilitators possess significant years of experience facilitating change and growth in teams, groups and organisations.  Outlined below are a number of our most common requests around facilitation.

EPCM Contract Alignment

We have been increasingly asked to assist and provide alignment workshops between a client and the contractor (typically in an EPCM set-up).  The alignment session focus primarily on improving the working relationship between the client and the contractor, working with any issues relating to the contract.  To date the impact of these alignment workshops has been highly impactful, with a significant improvement in not only the working relationship between the parties, but has improved overall project performance KPI’s, schedule, cost and safety.

Strategic Planning

One of our most regular requests is to facilitate strategic planning and business planning sessions with divisions / teams.  Utilising our TLC strategic planning tool and methodology we assist leaders and teams to effectively plan and prepare for planning days to make the most of the day itself.  In particular, we assist our clients to collect, prepare and interrogate all the critically important data prior to the planning day. We believe the more comprehensive and complete the pre-work, the more effective and productive the actual planning day becomes.  More importantly, the planning day focuses on the way forward rather than a re-hash of the past.

Leader Assimilation

We have observed that the most effective teams and most effective leaders are those where the leader and the team are aligned in their expectations, values and agreed behaviours.  We provide Leader Assimilation facilitated sessions where we facilitate the discussion around expectations of each other (i.e. the team of the leader; the leader of the team; and of each other). The evidence is very clear, regular expectation discussions lays the foundation of effective team functioning and high performance.  The Leader Assimilation sessions are an essential component of any high performing organisation.

Team Alignment

Every now and then teams find themselves in a situation where there is a level of discord and ineffectiveness that cannot be resolved effectively by the leader.  In these instances our highly skilled facilitators can provide facilitated team alignment sessions to facilitate the repairing of trust and ways of working together more effectively. We work closely with the key stakeholders to plan and prepare for this intervention to ensure a successful resolution.