One on One Coaching

Our primary basis for all coaching and leadership interventions is sound psychological principles of behaviour change. Our coaching approach utilises principles of both behavioural and cognitive psychology to assist in facilitating long-term behavioural change. We work closely with key stakeholders and the coachee to develop a coaching program that delivers on the agreed outcomes.  We work well with coachees who seek self-awareness and growth, who welcome challenge and insightful feedback, and who wish to hear what they need to hear (rather than what they want to hear).

Shadow Coaching

Shadow Coaching is a coaching intervention where the coach observes the leader in their day to day interactions and meetings.  The observations are then followed by feedback and coaching conversations.  Each leader then meets with the coach to receive feedback and develop skills in identified areas.  The strength of the program lies in the exposure to real-life and real-time interactions and the opportunity to provide immediate and timely feedback directly to senior leaders.

Group Coaching

We utilise group coaching in many of our leadership programs to facilitate the embedding of learning from the content based programs.  The group coaching (Or Action Learning Groups ALG’s) typically follow a similar approach to our one-on-one coaching, with the exception that we are utilising the collective knowledge and insight to generate options and actions.