‘Resilience develops from confronting stressful experiences and coping with them effectively’ (Holahan, Moos and Schaefer, 1996)

This course will help you explore the principles of resilience including developing a sense of purpose, locus of control and cultivating connections and support networks. We will talk about our TLC Six Pillars of resilience and practical actions you will be able to put into place for each pillar. No only will you examine strategies to build your own personal resilience, but you will develop your very own Wellbeing Plan.

We use the Curatr Platform for the online resilience program.  It will require between 8 and 12 hours over a period of 4 weeks.  The advantage of the online program is that it allows you to complete the program in your own time.

A further benefit of this online program is that it enables you to interact with other participants, share experiences, stories and what has worked for you.  You will feel connected to the other participants and experience the program as a shared learning experience.

By completing the course you will:

  • understand the key principles of being resilient
  • gain insight into your own level of resilience from your Personal Resilience Survey results
  • hear inspiring stories about how others have developed their resilience
  • develop practical strategies for each of the six pillars of resilience
  • be inspired to be more resilient and share your story of growth
  • gain valuable insight into yourself and how to be more effective in your work and personal life
  • develop a tool kit that you will find useful for the rest of your life


100% of the participants from the last course would recommend the online program. 93% of the participants from the last course would 'Strongly' recommend the program to their colleagues and friends.

 Next Online Course:
    • Commencing 1st November 2017
    • Length - 4 weeks
    • $125 
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    • Once we have received your registration and payment we will send you the details on how to log in to the Curatr platform and start the journey of developing your resilience.

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