Resilience & Mental Wellbeing
Our team deliver a broad range of programs to teams and organisations around the globe both face to face and virtual.  We explain the neuroscience underpinning resilience and mental well-being providing the participants with a deep understanding of how their brains work and how we can change our neurochemistry to transform our well-being. 

Cultivating Personal Resilience Through Change

Our Cultivating Personal Resilience workshop is aimed at individuals / employees wishing to enhance their capability in dealing with the ups and downs of day to day life and build their resilience.  Our program leads the participants on a journey of self-awareness, personal insight and growth.

Based on our Six Pillars of Resilience model, we provide an engaging and highly impactful half-day workshop that will equip your employees and team members with the tools and strategies to successfully manage and transition through change.  

Typically organisations will ask us to deliver this program when there is significant change happening in the organisation, restructures, or changes to procedures and processes.  The feedback from the program is consistently outstanding with people telling us that it is the best program they have ever attended.  

If you or your organisation wish to implement a Resilience program that actually makes a difference and has an impact then contact us to arrange a discussion.

Developing a Resilient Organisation and Team

This workshop focuses on organisational and team resilience, using the TLC Resilience Pyramid model as the primary framework.  We provide the participants with an understanding of the three primary pillars of organisational resilience, and the underpinning sub-factors.  The participants come away with practical strategies and tools to change the way their organisation works.

Online Resilience Program

We have developed a six module on-line Developing Resilience program based on our Cultivating Personal Resilience f2f program.  The highly engaging and interactive program allows the participant to work through the program at their own pace. Typically the program is run as a public program but can be run in-house for an organisation. If you wish to have your organisation run the program in-house, then please contact us to arrange a conversation. 

TLC Online Resilience Program

One of the most sought after online Resilience Programs available. Develop your resilience and well-being by signing up for our Online Resilience Program.