Greg Bayne – Sought after Keynote Speaker

Gregory Bayne is an increasingly sought after speaker who inspires audiences with engaging narrative, challenging status quo and current thinking with innovative ideas and thinking.  With speaking engagements around the world, Greg leverages his tacit experience and knowledge to stimulate change and growth in his audiences. He consistently receives outstanding feedback and high ratings from the participants.  

Below are a couple of the more popular and recent keynote address topics.  If you are looking for an engaging and thought provoking keynote speaker, then contact Greg to talk through what we can develop and tailor for your audience.

Changing Corporate Mindsets to Facilitate Large Scale Behavioural Change

In the context of considerable shifts in innovative technology and improved processes, the greatest barrier to successful change in organisations is increasingly the ability of the people to adapt and change. The most successful organisational change occurs when we change the ‘Corporate Mindset’. The key question is: “How does one change ‘Corporate Mindset’?” In this engaging and thought provoking talk we explore the most innovative strategies for changing corporate mindsets. Participants will come away from the talk feeling not only energised and excited about change, but feel empowered with a couple of key actions to put into practice straight away.

Eliminating Silo Mentality Keynote

When we ask executives “what is the number one innovation killer at your company?”, one of the first words we always hear, always, is “silos!” This Keynote addresses the critical signs of ‘silo mentality’ and explores FIVE practical strategies for eliminating ‘silo mentality’ from your team and organisation. We dig deeper into understanding how to go about cultivating a ‘collaborative mentality’ that drives better performance as well as better decision-making. We will hear about organisations and teams that have not paid due attention to ‘silo mentality’ and found themselves on a slippery slope to ultimate failure.  On the contrary, we will explore those organisations who have embraced a ‘collaborative mentality’ and a ‘growth mentality’ to drive ultimate sustainable success.

Disruptive Thinking for a Resilient Organisation Keynote

What makes an organisation sustainably successful? What makes some organisations more resilient than others to external market factors? What is the role of disruptive thinking in creating sustainable success? This key note explores the current evidence from organisations who have implemented and utilised disruption and disruptive thinking within the organisation to achieve long-term success. In particular, the keynote will address how to go about disrupting the current mindsets and moving toward long-term sustainable performance and organisational success.

Cultivating a Culture of Accountability Keynote

If you ask any senior executive what they believe is a key factor to driving a culture of success, it will be accountability.  Yet, very few organisations successfully implement a culture of accountability.  The current economic challenges facing organisations are requiring them to do more with less.  A culture of accountability, where each and every person ‘Feels Accountable’, drives efficiency, facilitates greater effort and engagement, and ultimately better performance outcomes. This keynote address will provide an insight into the importance of building a culture of accountability, and most importantly strategies and methods for generating the experience of ‘Feeling Accountable’ across an organisation.

Reaching the Pinnacle of Ultimate Team Performance Keynote

Are you responsible for leading a team and achieving the highest standard of results from your team? Are you currently getting the most out of your team and is your team delivering the most outstanding results? This Key Note will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your team’s current effectiveness through the lens of the latest evidence and research regarding high performing teams. You will be introduced to one of the most impactful high performing team frameworks - the HPET® High Performing Elite Teams framework and diagnostic tool. We will cover the top five most impactful ways to shift a team’s performance and effectiveness. Furthermore, we will highlight the key role of the leader and practical steps to successfully implement this shift to reach the pinnacle of sustainable high performance.

Conference Keynote Engagements

  • Best Practices for Oil & Gas USA Texas Oct 2017
  • EAM SAP Conference California USA March 2017
  • EAN Conference Perth Australia Feb 2017
  • EAM SAP Conference Melbourne Australia Oct 2016
  • Mainstream Houston Texas USA May 2016
  • Mainstream Perth & Melbourne March 2015 & 2016
  • Australian Oil and Gas Conference 2014 & 2015
  • SAP Financials Conference Melbourne Australia 2015
  • SAP Financials Conference Johannesburg South Africa 2015
  • SAP Financials Conference Johannesburg South Africa 2015
  • Engineers Australia Convention Melbourne Australia 2014
  • IPAA National Conference 2014