TLC was founded in January 2009 by Gregory Bayne and Heather McGregor-Bayne.  Our desire was to build a business that exemplified authentic leadership and assisted those who shared our passion to realise our potential as leaders of character and purpose.  As highly experienced psychologists with a strong interest in performance and achievement Greg and Heather were well credentialed to assist individuals change unhealthy and self-defeating behaviours and empower them to become more effective and achieve great success.

Since 2009 the business has grown exponentially as a result of impressive and engaging programs delivered by enthusiastic and credible facilitators that deliver results.  In recent years TLC has engaged a number of Associate Facilitators who share the passion for leadership and for working with an organisation who practices what we preach.  Additionally, TLC’s Business Admin Manager provides reliable and valuable support to our delivery personnel.

TLC has developed an impressive suite of programs based upon sound psychological principles and supported by innovative models and frameworks that are highly practical and applicable in the business world.  Determined to remain at the cutting edge, TLC continually seeks out new information, research and ideas and puts considerable energy into the development of new models and frameworks.

TLC is an organisation that lives its values.  Our values guide our behaviour, who we choose to work with and how we choose to work.  TLC seeks to build sustainable working relationships with clients that are mutually beneficial, enriching and based on openness and respect.  We are in this for the long haul.

After working as an Associate with TLC for 3 years Alistair Box formally came on board as a Director and continues his facilitation work alongside Greg and Heather.  Alistair has also worked as a psychologist in Western Australia for over 18 years and has extensive experience in the resources sector.  Together the TLC Directors, their dynamic Administrator and their team of Associate Consultants exude considerable energy for developing leaders towards sustainable performance.  This gets us out of bed in the morning and we are excited about the future for TLC!