We Partner with Our Clients

We partner with our client organisations by listening and engaging in understanding their needs, and then developing and adapting solutions to meet these. We deliver these solutions with the utmost of commitment and dedication. TLC strives for perfection and as such applies both the principles and practice of continuous improvement in their daily business environment. Our team are flexible in their approach and generous with their energy and time.

We Live by Our Values

Throughout our personal and professional lives, TLC’s directors and the judiciously selected associates have come to appreciate the value of authentic relationships and interactions founded on honesty and openness.  These principles are practiced daily, internally within our own business and externally in the relationships we form with our clients.  Our organisational values reflect these beliefs and underlie our commitment to each other and our client group.  To this end, we seek feedback from our clients and their input into continuous improvement actions.  We are open to being challenged, to suggestions and to constructive critique recognising this as crucial to both our personal and professional development. Similarly, we are prepared to challenge, to hold robust discussions where necessary and to provide feedback to our clients, both individually and organisationally.

We Hold Ourselves Accountable to the Highest Quality

It is our belief that these principles support delivery of a quality service and development of a client-service provider relationship that is both sustainable and mutually beneficial. To this end we endeavour to be as flexible as possible in meeting the needs of our clients. While we have a readily available suite of quality core products, we are always prepared to tailor our products to suit the requirements of the client.

We Build Trusting Partnerships

Recognising the importance of trust we engage in work processes that serve to reinforce to our clients they can rest assured program outcomes and delivery will be to the highest of standards. While generosity in terms of both time and energy are considered paramount, TLC believes the client should not be concerned with being charged for contact, meetings and/or feedback.  As such, our cost structure is transparent, simple and inclusive, purposefully designed to enhance the relationship and hence quality of service delivery.