Why we need to stop using the term 'Burnout' and rather use ‘Non-Optimal State’. For years Psychologists and organisations have been referring to the term ‘burnout’.  I recall developing and delivering a workshop 20years ago called ‘Preventing Burnout’ for the organisation that I worked for at the time as the Staff Psychologist, and at the time had no issue with the use of the ...

Psychological Safety is a term that I am hearing more often in the workplace. While I agree with the core principles and purpose of Psychological Safety, I am deeply concerned about how this term is being defined and implemented in organisations.
In this article I explain my concern and offer a definition and method of implementation that I believe will deliver on the true intention of the concept 'Psychological Safety'.

How does an organisation unlock leadership impact? How does an organisation go about enhancing the impact of leaders across their organisation to deliver sustainable high performance and people who are physically well, emotionally well and mentally well.

We believe that vulnerability is the key to unlocking our impact. Unfortunately, leaders genuinely stepping into vulnerability is really challenging and a little scary. I share below why stepping into vulnerability unlocks a leaders impact.