Depending on where you live in the world, your city will be somewhere between mid-crisis to the beginning of the emergence from the crisis.  Regardless of where you live or the current crisis state, every one of us are experiencing some form of ‘crisis fatigue’.  We know anecdotally as well as from current evidence that most people around the globe are experiencing increased levels of anxiety, frustration, isolation, stress, uncertainty and guilt as a result of the impact of COVID-19. We have not paced ourselves well.  Most of us have been pushed to the limit over the last few months, both on the home front and the work front.  We are exhausted.

Our team has been working from our respective homes for the past eleven years.  We consciously chose to operate in this manner from the moment our business began in 2009 for a number of important reasons.  As a result of working from home we have also been very conscious of how to do this effectively, not only as individuals, but as a team.  We have had to make specific decisions about how we communicate, how and when we collaborate, how to make decisions, how to maintain quality and consistency, and how to stay connected and feel part of the TLC team. 

Both my wife and I work from home. Our daughters are now 10yrs and 8yrs old.  The only thing they have known is us working from home.  I have however had to do a lot of travel which has meant been away from home.  The advantage we have is that our family know and understand how we work.  The challenge for many of you is that your family only know you in a certain way, which means that not only do you need to make a shift in your own mindset, but you also need to shift the mindset of your family and partner.

Now that we know that many organisations and businesses will be shifting to working remotely, I approached our team and asked them to reflect on the last eleven years and identify what has worked for each of them to be most effective at working from home. We share below some of our team’s most impactful insights and wisdom.

Everything has changed. As a small business we need to very quickly adapt and change the way we are working. I share below how we are changing the way we are working with our clients to THRIVE through the next six months.