Leading Mental Well-Being In the Workplace

Mental Well-Being for Leaders

We know for sure that there is an increasing need for leaders to be skilled and knowledgeable about how to better manage mental well-being in the workplace.  While suicide numbers are on the decline (which is a really good thing), there is still an extraordinary number of men and women who take their lives every day.  Furthermore, we know that mental health concerns are on the increase, particularly since the impact of Covid-19 globally.  The requirement for organisations to invest in addressing mental well-being and their part to play in supporting people to be well is crystal clear.

While there are numerous providers and options for organisations to select from, not all programs deliver the required impact of change. Our Mental Well-being for Leaders program has demonstrated a significant impact on leaders and ultimately the well-being of their teams.  Our program equips leaders with not only a comprehensive understanding of their role and responsibility in managing mental well-being in the workplace, but a practical tool set for better managing and supporting their team through mental health concerns.  We challenge current thinking and typical responses to mental illness in the workplace and provide a framework to assist leaders to address mental well-being issues in the workplace.

Leading and Building Resilient Teams

Our Resilience and Managing Stress program for leaders focuses on equipping leaders with a comprehensive understanding of resilience and provides the leaders with tools and strategies to build resilience in both themselves and their team members. The program content is based on current research and evidence and provides leaders with the most contemporary frameworks and tools.  

Furthermore, the program provides insight into the neurochemistry or well-being and explains the underpinning principles of developing resilience and well-being.  By providing a more comprehensive insight into well-being compared to many other programs we equip the participants with the understanding to then make better decisions for both themselves and their team members to coach and support for well-being and resilience.

Managing Mental Illness in the Workplace

This workshop addresses the often anxiety provoking challenge of managing individuals in the workplace who present with a mental illness that impacts their ability to do their job.  We absolutely believe that having a mental illness does not mean that one cannot do their job. We believe the opposite, that even though one may have a mental illness, he/she can still be thriving and high performing. The workshop focuses on equipping leaders with the knowledge and skill to assist individuals to reach their potential and high performance.