We partner with organisations to shift to a People-Centric culture.

We build the capability of the leaders to cultivate a culture of trust and well-being.

We equip individuals and teams to be able to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

We believe that performance and resilience go hand in hand.  Those who are resilient are more likely to out perform those who are less resilient.  We also believe that well-being and resilience are a learnt skill and a state of mind.  We work with individuals, teams, parents, adolescents and children to develop the skills and practices to be resilience and generate higher levels of well-being.

People-Centric Culture

Partnering with our team of experienced Psychologists with over 20 years each of assisting people to reach their potential we assist organisations to transform their culture and way of working to a People-Centric focus.  The research clearly shows that organisations that put people first and establish a genuine and authentic people-centric culture sustainably out-perform their competitors.  

Resilience & Mental Wellbeing

We design and deliver Resilience and Mental Well-Being programs for all size organisations.  Using our evidence based 6-Pillars of Resilience framework and highly engaging content we equip leaders and team members with the skills and strategies for managing mental health in the workplace.

Peer Support Program

Our Peer Support Program, based on current best practice and research, provides a comprehensive tool box for Peer Supporters to best support the well-being of their team mates and organisation.  The program is a 16-hour (two-day) program that can be delivered either virtually or face to face.  Our program has been delivered globally to our global clients using a virtual platform with two hour blocks once a week over a six week period.  The feedback from the program is outstanding with 21% of the participants reporting that the program was Very Good and 79% reporting that the program was Excellent.  If your Peer Support team would like to take the next step in transforming the well-being of the organisation then contact our team for a discussion.

Leading Mental Well-Being In the Workplace

We have delivered our Leading Mental Well-being in the Work Place program across the globe including the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, China, Mongolia and across Australia. Our program provides leaders with a comprehensive understanding of their role in managing and building Mental Wellbeing in the workplace.

Get Back Up Resilience Program

Get Back Up Resilience Program is a program designed for parents, care-givers, teachers and grand-parents who wish to further enhance their knowledge and strategies for cultivating highly resilient children. Our program is based on the most current understanding and evidence on developing resilience as well as over 20 years of experience working with adults and children around resilience and well-being. Find out more about how your school can have the Get Back Up program implemented in your school or classroom.

Safety Leadership Program

As Psychologists we have attended a multitude of fatalities at various locations around Australia, and as such have seen the worst possible outcome of safety not done well.  We have applied our Psychological knowledge and experience to develop the most impactful and cutting edge safety programs that truly changes attitudes and behaviours.

Coach the Parent

The evidence is clear: Parents have a massive impact on the emotional, cognitive and physical development of their children.  While our intentions are genuine and well-meant, our choice of actions and behaviours are often not all that helpful.  We work with parents to unlock their potential as a parent to develop authentic, resilient and purposeful children.

Dad2DAD Program

Designed specifically for Dads to equip Dads with the knowledge and skills to be an awesome father.  More specifically, gaining understanding of how to be the DAD your child needs you to be. We work with Dads to build their confidence to impact in the most positive way on their children.

COVID-19 and Remote Working Solutions

We realise that COVID-19 has been a significant disruptor and is contributing to massive changes in how we work, which includes working from home.  We have developed a number of programs specifically to support our clients to successfully navigate the next six to twelve months. These include programs for leaders as well as team members/employees and covers topics on working remotely, managing our well-being and dealing and managing through a crisis.

We have transformed the well-being of individuals, teams and organisations across the globe, delivering our programs both face to face and virtually on every continent. We continue to strive to meet our vision of having a global impact.

How could we partner with you?

Any great partnership starts with a conversation.  Let’s have a chat. Give us a call or flick us an email, or alternatively complete our contact us form and we will arrange a time to have a discussion.  We look forward to hearing from you.