Shifting from the DAD you WANT to be to the DAD you NEED to BE

A key challenge of life today is the multitude of demands coming from different directions, which often includes financial pressures, job demands, time pressures, and work-life balance.  Being a great Dad, and in particular the Dad that your child needs you to be, can be even more difficult.  We realise that Dads need a program and support group that makes them feel comfortable. Comfortable enough to share their fears, concerns and challenges in a non-judgemental environment that also provides them with the skills and knowledge to equip them to be the Dad they need to be.

The dad2DAD program has been established by a Dad who is well aware of the challenges of being a great Dad.

Dad2DAD Facebook Page

The dad2DAD Australia Facebook page and group has been established to provide a forum for Fathers to connect and share experiences, insights and questions about fatherhood.

Dad2DAD Core Belief

At the core of the dad2DAD program and forum is the belief that every child has very specific needs from their father, depending on a whole range of factors.  As such, we aim to assist fathers to understand more specifically what their child needs of them and how to go about being the father that their child needs.  

We also believe that many of us as fathers tend to base our approach to being a father on our own experience of our own father’s and our own needs.  In other words we often don’t fully understand what our child needs from us and  go about being a Dad based on what we think is best, which is at times not the best.

We also believe that we never stop learning. The more we learn about how we work as human beings, the more understand about the brain development and the psychology of well-being and resilience, the more we will continue to adapt the way we parent and the way we help our children prepare for their futures.

Finally, we believe that with knowledge of what our child needs from us developmentally from a cognitive, emotional, and behavioural perspective we will be better able to provide what our child needs from us as fathers.